’Thank you so much for our daughter's pinnaplasty procedure. The whole process from start to finish was so quick and easy. The support and advice from everyone, especially Mr Chatrath was amazing. We are all so happy with the results. I can't believe the difference it has made to her confidence, she was a fairly confident child but I have had so much feedback from her teachers and my friends that was unaware of the procedure saying that she's walking and holding herself, so much more confidently. I am so pleased with the positive effect it has had on all of us.
Thank you all so much once again.’
Mrs TB, Brentwood
on behalf of her daughter GG age 9
’I was relieved to have found a specialist who could correct the problem which affected my life for such a long period post-op.

Prior to having a revision in July 2017 with Dr.Chatrath I was on steroid nasal spray and heavy use of antibiotic for the nasal swelling and pain I got after my Initial Rhinoplasty in Poland. For 2 years after my first Rhinoplasty I was on intermittent antibiotics for repeated infections and swelling in my nose. Despite having been to several doctors over the past 2 years throughout the UK and Europe they found nothing wrong with my nose. After visiting a Harley street surgeon, I was diagnosed with an inverted-V deformity and recommended to Dr. Chatrath as he was the best surgeon to solve my problem. Thanks to Dr. Chatrath I can breathe again and live my life without steroid sprays and discomfort.’
Spire Roding Hospital, London.
"I underwent septorhinoplasty and balloon sinuplasty performed by Dr Chatrath. The surgery went well and required me to stay in the hospital for less than half a day. Following the surgery I felt slightly blocked up, but wasn’t in any pain. I was given medication and although over the next few weeks felt only mild discomfort. I was feeling fit to work from home from day 5 after surgery, and by day 10 the bruising went down significantly and I was able to go outside and resume normal engagements."
Ann Marekwica
"I underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to correct a deviated septum. This was carried out by MR Chatrath. The service I received both in the initial consultation and the surgery itself was impeccable. Mr Chatrath was extremely efficient at explaining exactly what was going to happen at all times and really put my mind at ease. Upon completion of the surgery I was amazed at how I had no pain or bruising, if I had not known better I would have said I did not have an operation- I feel is a testament to Mr Chatraths expertise. Furthermore I cannot express enough how much of a difference it has made to my daily life, the improvement in my breathing and swallowing is like night and day. I can now dine out with family and friends without fear of having problems swallowing and my quality of sleep and ability to exercise has increased tenfold thanks to improved breathing.

All in all a great success and can not fault a single element of the whole process, Mr Chatrath is polite, professional, diligent and extremely knowledgable, I could not be happier and would recommend him to anyone in future."