September 2023

Attended a live surgery advanced rhinoplasty course in Montpellier, France, in which preservation and structural rhinoplasty techniques were demonstrated and discussed.

November 2019

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have recently issued some recommendations about Earfold pinnaplasty (dated September 2019). Based on a review of clinically published research they have indicated that implant surgery for prominent ears (which includes Earfold) can continue to be performed if patients are enrolled as part of a clinical research study. Based on NICE’s recommendations I am finalising a protocol which will allow patients to continue to opt for Earfold as well as more traditional pinnaplasty techniques, therefore enabling the best and most appropriate treatment option to be chosen.

July 2018

Delivered a teaching session at the British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology (BACO), Liverpool, on the topic of Nasal valve surgery / functional rhinoplasty. This conference was attended by over 1000 delegates from the UK and Internationally.

June 2018

Subsequently, approval has now been granted for Professor Chatrath to act as an Assessor for The Cosmetic Revalidation Panel, RCS(Eng). Professor Chatrath was considered owing to his experience with complex nasal deformities and reconstruction in the NHS as well as in the management of cosmetic nasal and ear problems privately. He will now appear on the list of panel members available to scrutinize applications from other surgeons who wish to apply for accreditation in cosmetic surgery.

May 2018

The Cosmetic Revalidation Panel of The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS(Eng)) granted Professor Chatrath full accreditation in the practice of cosmetic surgery of the nose and ears. This is an important step in demonstrating competence in undertaking cosmetic nasal and ear surgery and reflects Professor Chatrath’s acquired experience over many years in performing these operations.

April 2018

Faculty member at the Facial flaps Simulation Training for North Thames Registrars (StR training programme). Involved academic teaching and hands on practical instruction on undertaking a range of straightforward and more complex skin flaps of the nose, face and ears.

April 2017

Assessor training for cosmetic revalidation panel course completed.